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Think Global Flight FAQ - March

Fostering international strategic alliances with industry, associations, organizations, and the educational community. 

Encouraging and fostering the international exchange of information among industry, professional associations, government agencies, and the educational community growing a greater awareness for the capabilities of the applications for science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M.) education, as related to the aviation and aerospace disciplines. 


  • Bringing a Think Global awareness for the boundless opportunities within the aviation and aerospace industries to the classrooms across the world. 

  • Spanning the Earth bridging classrooms across the globe through the use of virtual venues for all ages and economic backgrounds. 

  • Creating a greater awareness for the importance of the S.T.E.M. disciplines. 

  • Empowering parents with their child’s educational development through a greater awareness of S.T.E.M. education as related to aviation and aerospace. Increasing the number of students across the globe, interested in and inspired by aviation and aerospace, especially among under-represented groups such as girls and minorities as they follow the Think Global Flight Crew on their journey around the Earth. 

Think Global Flight is an around the world flight of adventure promoting S.T.E.M education and inspiring students. This significant international flight is connecting classrooms across the globe through virtual venues called Student Command Centers (SCC). SCCs research, analyze, and report data as related to the Think Global Flight before, during, and after the flight. The flight begins June 2015 and will be visiting Student Command Centers throughout the world. During the flight, the crew will be transmitting live and video-taping, sharing other cultures with SCCs. 

The goals for Think Global Flight serve as a touchstone for all Think Global efforts with the advisory council returning to these goals continually to ensure desired results. 

  • Garner national and international media attention of Think Global Flight in order to increase awareness and visibility for S.T.E.M. education, as related to aviation and space education. 

  • Position ThinkGloblal Flight as a resource and experience for S.T.E.M. educators, parents and students interested in aerospace and aviation.

  • Maximize the reach and scope of Think Global Flight Student Command Centers to schools, youth groups, higher learning facilities, flight schools, local and state governments and other countries.

Think Global Flight meets the needs of the teachers and educators through flexible participation. There is no cost and the participant can dedicate as much time as schedules permit. Educators are encouraged to register on the web site. Participants communicate through virtual venues, called Student Command Center (SCC). SCCs are established across the globe under the guidance of educators and subject matter experts. Investigative questions, specifically related to Think Global Flight, are posted on the web site for the before flight, during flight, and post-flight S.T.E.M. learning experience. 

Students provide detailed and concise reports directly to the Think Global flight crew. The flight crew and SCCs’ will communicate via satellite radio, the Think Global Flight web site, social media, iPhone and Android apps, and through email while in flight. All research, final analysis, in-flight experiments, videos, and documentation will be posted on the web site. 

Educators and students across the globe have an enhanced learning experience from the curricula posted on the Think Global Flight Members Only section. Examples of these curricula include: the popular space science books, Kids To Space written by Lonnie Shorer and acknowledged by astronaut Buzz Aldrin; and the internationally accepted teacher/student flight curricula by AOPA, Pathways

Think Global Flight is comprised of all volunteers, including the flight crew. All tax-deductible donations go toward education or flight support. 
Think Global Flight is a 501c3. 



  • Promotional, departure SUN ‘n FUN Airshow on April 3, 2014 

  • United States National tour visited participating students spring and summer 2014 in Cirrus SR22T single-engine airplane 

  • International tour beginning June 13, 2015 in a Citation Mustang light jet 

  • Over 20,000 participating students 25 countries; all 50 U.S. states 


  • Recognized by FAA and Department of Education for quality program for real world application for learning.

  • Schools, youth groups. higher learning facilities, flight schools, local/state government agencies, homeschools, and other countries Civil Aviation Authorities, education councils


  • Advisory council consists of 11 industry leaders from across the globe 

  • Council chair, Ms. Shelly Simi, Jeppesen’s Industry and Public Affairs 

  • Council vice-chair, Anthony Fowler, U.S. Department of Education

  • All volunteers, including Captain Rice and Crew 


  • 501c3, tax-deductible donations go toward education and flight support 

  • Generated over I million in-kind 

  • Remaining financial needs: International landing fees, overflight fees, Jet A fuel 

  • BE A Hero, Buy A SkyWay, and Buzz Aldrin Gift Package donor campaigns well received 

  • Premier donors: Ardwin Freight, Ascension Air, Air Journey, Jeppesen, Sennheiser, Cirrus Aircraft, and AOPA

  • Over 60 Donors


  • Effective marketing plan with national/international web/social/print 

  • Media recognition reaching all the major aviation/education publications 

  • Monthly published news releases 

  • Monthly eNewsletter - list serve over 100,000 aviation enthusiast, pilots, student pilots, educators, and students 

  • International and national media coverage including bi-monthly feature articles, videos, blogs, and podcasts 

  • Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Linkedin reaching 3,000 daily during events; lowest activities averaging 300 daily 

  • Statistic example, no event during month of June: Facebook activity reached 1,630,919