Advisory Council By-Laws

Article I – Name
The name of the Council shall be the THINKGLOBAL FLIGHT Advisory Council,

Article II – Purpose
The Advisory Council shall function in an advisory capacity to the THINKGLOBAL FLIGHT and shall make recommendations to the leadership of the program. The Advisory Council shall assist with program refinement, educator and student recruitment, student scholarship opportunities, promotion, marketing, raising funds, and providing in-kind and/or financial contributions to the program.

Article III – Objectives
The primary objective of the Advisory Council is to support the vision/mission, goals and objectives of THINKGLOBAL FLIGHT which includes the following:

Article IV – Organization
The Advisory Council shall meet three times per year as established by the Chair. The meetings shall initially be conducted through teleconferencing. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.

Article V – Membership

Section 1. Membership:

i. The members of the Advisory Council shall be representatives of all stakeholders including the business and education communities, community leaders, educators, parents and students.
ii. Standing members of the Advisory Council shall include THINKGLOBAL FLIGHT Captain, Navigator, and premier major donor (2) representatives.
iii. The Advisory Council shall consist of at least four additional members representing the individual segments of the business, aviation, and education communities. No stakeholder group shall represent more than 30% of the voting membership.
iv. Members of the Advisory Council shall receive no compensation for their services as Advisory Council members.
v. Members of the Advisory Council are required to provide proof of background screening if they anticipate working directly with students.

Section 2. Term of Membership

i. Advisory Council members are elected to the Council for a three (3) year term and may be re-elected for successive terms.
ii. Any member of the Advisory Council may resign by giving written notice to the Chair.
iii. Advisory Council members are expected to participate on the scheduled teleconferences and/or any committee meetings.
iv. In the event of a scheduled absence, a representative of the company/organization may attend in the place of the regular Advisory Council member.

Section 3 – Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

i. The selection of members shall be made without respect to race, color, creed, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation or gender. The Advisory Council shall include, but not limited to, representatives from the following four broad categories:
1. the respective aviation industry, 2) the educational community, 3) the community leaders, and 4) parents and students.
ii. Candidates may be nominated by a member in good standing of the Advisory Council and thusly approved by a majority vote by its members present and voting. Standing members reserve full rights.
iii. Candidates are encouraged to provide in-kind contributions that will directly benefit the students in the program.
iv. Responsibilities shall include but not limited to:

a. Assist with raising funds;
b. Provide in-kind contributions;
c. Seek student scholarships;
d. Strengthen public relations and publicity relative to the program;
e. Assist in evaluating the relevance and the effectiveness of the program elements; and the curriculum to meet the needs of the industry;
f. Assist with locating and electing subject matter experts participation on Student Command Centers;
g. Marketing the program to the business community and education community at large.

Section 4. The Membership Year:

1. The membership year shall be the same as the academic year (fall to summer).

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1. Quorum:
A majority of the Advisory Council members present shall constitute a quorum for conducting Advisory Council business.

Section 2. Voting:

Each active member of the Advisory Council shall be entitled to vote on any issue presented to the Advisory Council.

Section 3. Meetings:

Only Advisory Council members have voting privileges.

Article VII – Officers

Section 1. Chairperson
The Advisory Council shall consist of one chairperson or two chairpersons. The Chairperson (Chair) shall be elected by the members of the Advisory Council and serve for a two (2) year period. The Chair may be elected for one additional two (2) year period. The term shall coincide with the school academic calendar. Elections for the Chair shall take place at the last scheduled meeting of the current academic year.

Section 2. Vice-Chairman
The Advisory Council shall consist of one Vice Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson shall be elected by the members of the Advisory Council every year.

Section 3. Other Officers:

The other officer position shall be the Secretary.

Section 4. Ex-Officio members

Ex-officio members shall consist of selected industry leaders, federal, state or municipal government officials and school district staff, and are non-voting members. The Federal Aviation Administration shall participate in an advisory capacity through its STEM-AVSED program with representation on the Council as a non-voting member.

Article VIII – Duties of the Officers

Section 1. Chairperson:
The Chairperson’s duties shall be those usually pertaining to the office set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order and such other duties as may be prescribed.

Section 2. Vice-Chairperson:
The Vice-Chairperson’s duties shall be to chair all meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.

Section 3. Secretary:
The Secretary’s duties shall be to record and report of minutes of meetings, provide notification of meetings, distribute the agenda, and maintain the records of the Advisory Council.

Article IX-Amendments
These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a simple majority vote of the Advisory Council at any regular meeting or special meeting called for this purpose.

Formulated: January 01, 2013